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How Efficient Is Your Freestyle?
by Terry Laughlin

Posted on November 8th, 2013

If you regularly read my posts you’re probably aware of the DARPA study which showed that human swimmers are only 3% efficient–as compared to the 80% efficiency of dolphins.  (I.E. Dolphins convert 80% of energy expenditures into forward motion; in contrast humans divert 97% of energy into moving around in the water and moving the […]

Stroke Length Practice: First Improve. Then Maintain.
by Terry Laughlin

Posted on April 22nd, 2011

Nearly every choice you make about planning practices and sets should be driven primarily by whether your repeats strengthen your ability to stay efficient at a range of distances, tempos or paces.

A Brief History of TI: Part 2 of 5
by Terry Laughlin

Posted on April 4th, 2011

New adult swimmers – many of them triathletes – reveal to us that: (1) When it comes to swimming, humans are natural-born strugglers; and (2) Converting Struggles into Skills takes Mindful Practice of “fishlike” techniques.

A Practice to Improve Balance, Streamline . . . and Focus
by Terry Laughlin

Posted on March 21st, 2011

This practice specifies what to think about. That’s more important than how far you swim.

Backstroke Video Analyzed – and why improving Backstroke is good for Freestyle
by Terry Laughlin

Posted on February 17th, 2011

Improve backstroke in 3 steps – while improving complementary skills in Freestyle. Also tips for effective stroke analysis.

Can’t control life outside the pool? Pursue Flow in it and handle stress better.
by Terry Laughlin

Posted on February 16th, 2011

Outside the pool, there’s little we can do to control sources of stress. But we can exert control inside the pool. That brings Flow. And Flow makes outside stresses much easier to handle. Here’s how.