Change Your Life Radio Interview
by Terry Laughlin

Posted on August 25th, 2011

Yesterday (August 24) I did an internet radio interview with Will Stewart of Movement Matters. As we finished I told Will it was the best radio interview I’d done in 20 years. Because Will has a strong interest in mindful movement (he teaches yoga and practices TI) he asked great questions. I didn’t mention the new book “Swimming That Changes Your Life” in the interview but virtually everything we talked about referenced key themes in the book. Enjoy.


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  1. bkjagadish says:

    Terry , I am hearing-impaired , can I have TEXT of the Interview PLEEEEEEEEEEEEASE !!!!….

  2. I don’t have a transcript.

  3. Rich Crawford says:


    I agree with you, great interview, Hearing you guys interacting, boosted my intensity and passion for improving my swimming. I’m guessing I’m a rare, new, triathlete, because I prefer, love doing TI drills, as a matter of fact, when I try and swim long distance 400m+ I am so aware of my lack of streamline, fishtailing and balance, that I think to myself why am I bothering to imprint these wicked prehistoric bad habits that keep “putting on the brakes” and fighting the water. Lately, I’ve been focusing on my right leg conniptions, my fish tailing is going away. Right hand spears, keep my right leg still and relaxed behind my right arm! Elbows higher on pull, push, less shoulder pain, left elbow not as high! Need to work on left elbow pull, push. Forget breathing, stop, pull up half way in a 25 yard pool. Regroup, back to right leg, high elbows, balance, nice long strokes, glide, out of balance, flip over, relax on back, roll back over, keep imprinting. Can I think about leading with my elbows and dangling my forerarms like a marionette? No too much, save that thought for later, that comes with a flutter kick that allows me to work on my arms (I’ve already practiced this but it has not been imprinted yet). Ah, my right leg (at least it feels like it is still), relaxed and creating the same straight line following my right spearing arm, it takes incredible concentration. My next underwater filming will hopefully confirm my feelings of improvement, but I know from experience, that improvement comes in small doses. Great interview!

    Thanks, Rich

  4. Rich
    You may not be as rare as you think among new triathletes – at least in appreciating what TI can do for you and the event. But the intensity of your commitment to imprinting only effective movement is pretty striking and highly laudable. As you may have already experienced, feeling improvement in efficiency is only half the reward. A sense of transcendence – i.e. an experience of Flow – goes along with the transformation when you apply that much concentrated brainpower to improving your movements.

    Concentrated brainpower is the key to success though. One thought – one mini-skill – at a time, not two or three. If you feel right leg conniptions, focus only on controlling those . . . thought that may involve a wider, higher left elbow.

  5. Paul Holcomb says:


    After listening to that interview, I am inspired by you. There were many different directions that interview could have gone. You are a class act. And for you not to mention the book is another exmple of that.. Thank you Terry Laughlin. I hope people are “really listening” to the messages that have everything to do with life, while you are talking about swimming.

  6. Paul
    I’m glad you enjoyed the interview and thank you for your feedback. I will surely mention the new book frequently when it’s ready for release.

  7. Terry!
    I’m hooked! I have been swimming regularly and blissfully for many years, but TI has set me off on a direction that makes everything in me say YES!
    I am presently managing the community pool in Auroville…an international community in South India. We have more than 2000 people from 49 different countries.
    There are many people here interested in TI, but language is a problem.

    We have an excellent team of professional translators. Please contact me if you are interested to make your books and DVDs available to non-English speakers.
    Also…are there any TI coaches in South India?
    Thank you for your amazing work,

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