Giving Thanks: For 50 Years of Blessings in Life and Swimming
by Terry Laughlin

Posted on November 23rd, 2012

In the spirit of Thanksgiving I devote this post to expressing gratitude to some of those who have helped me enjoy the most satisfying swim-life anyone could possibly conceive.

My Family: Alice, Fiona, Cari, Betsy. You were there at the start (in the utility room and around the dining room table), have made contributions beyond measure, shared  me with countless others and humored my single-mindedness.  I am inexpressibly proud of your excellence at teaching and the many lives you have personally enriched. May we continue.

Dear Readers: For your interest in graceful, mindful, improvement-oriented swimming, for reading this blog, and leaving comments, and for sharing your enthusiasm with others.

TI Coaches: Your love for swimming is uplifting. Your grace in the water is an example for all. You are, without question, the most transformative cadre of swimming teachers on Planet Water. You embody Kaizen. It is a rare privilege to be your colleague.

TI HQ Team: Keith and Angela. You are modest but mighty. You are good-humored, unflappable, resourceful and capable. You act with the personal responsibility of owners. You give caring service to coaches and customers. You make TI look good.

TI Forum Community: As a collective of ‘thinking swimmers’ you are unique in the world. You support and encourage each other with good humor and sound guidance.  You simplify the complex and make the arcane  interesting. You model and encourage positive and constructive thinking. You live Kaizen.

TI Swimmers: You make Planet Water a more beautiful place. Happy laps.

Swimming Friends: You make life richer. Let’s meet at the water’s edge.

My Coaches: Dick Krempecki (St John’s University), Bill Irwin and Tom Liotti (Manhasset Swim Club): Without your example and encouragement (and in Tom’s case, putting my name forward for my first coaching position) I might never have discovered my metier and calling.

St Mary’s High School, Manhasset NY: For forming a swim team in 1965 and letting me be a part of it. Forty-seven years later, I love swimming more than ever.

My dad, John Laughlin: For teaching me Dead Man’s Float (precursor to Superman Glide) and showing me the way to the raft at Bar Beach – circa 1959. Think of what you’ve wrought!


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  2. Joe White says:


    I am trying to find Bill Irwin’s email address. I was about two years ahead of you in the NY area. I worked for Bill at The Strathmore Vanderbilt CC and was coached by Bill at the NYAC.He will remember, “White….White do as I say not as I do!”….can you help me?…….Thanks Terry. You have brought “systems thinking” and “process focused thinking” to a great sport!

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