T.I. (‘Tee-Aye’) Chi
by Terry Laughlin

Posted on February 7th, 2014

Brian Suddeth, a TI enthusiast from Bowie MD. has been helping a blind friend and co-worker, named Mark, to learn efficiency the TI way.

Mark had attempted a marathon run, but suffered an injury and had to drop out.  So his new goal is to complete a mile in open water, at the Great Chesapeake Bay One Mile Challenge. Brian agreed to help him prepare and be his guide during the swim.

At their first pool session, this is what Brian saw: Right arm swings in a high arc. Left hand doesn’t  clear the water. Legs dangle  at a 45 angle and kicking like hell. Zig zagging and bashing into the lane markers, then over correcting. Having to fight to the surface for each breath. One length, then take a break to gasp for air.

My comment was, “Damn that looks like a lot of work.”  

Mark agreed.

Brian had helped Mark learn Shutokan Karate back in their college days. So he said this to Mark . . . You’re swimming like full contact karate. TI is like  Tai Chi. 










tai chi








And then, Brian began teaching Mark Superman Glide.

1.1 Superman








On his first try, he pushed across the surface and traveled about 20 feet before he stopped. When I told him how far he’d glided he didn’t believe me, since he *knew* that he couldn’t glide. I made him walk back to the wall and tell me how far it felt , and he was amazed.

Then I had him do it again, focusing on feeling the support of buoyancy. This time he got 25 feet. He was shocked at how easily he could travel that distance.

I explained that in Superman , he was extending his body fully for the first time. This created support.

And that and his legs were ‘drafting behind’ his upper body. This created distance.  

He laughed in amazement, as he’d never experienced  fully-extended flying” before.

Stay tuned. We’ll follow Brian and Mark in this space

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