Video: How We Build The “World’s Most Efficient Freestyle”
by Terry Laughlin

Posted on April 27th, 2014

This beautiful short film is by TI Coach Johnny Widen (of Lulea Sweden, near the Arctic Circle.) Johnny shot it in Oct 2012 at Total Immersion Level 1 Coach Training  in Windsor England.

Johnny’s first purpose was to create a pre-training study video for future TI coach trainees. He used excerpts to also create an artistic view of TI Coach Training.

Beyond the heuristic and artistic merits of this video, Johnny has created something of  inestimable value to anyone interested in swimming with exquisite efficiency and enjoyment. And perhaps even a grace that others might notice and compliment.

Johnny reveals the exacting attention to detail and care we use in constructing what we firmly believe is the World’s Most Efficient Freestyle. (If there’s a way to be even more efficient, we’ll discover and teach it.)

Every detail of this technique contributes something critical to saving energy — but  not one comes naturally or instinctively.

The folks in the pink hats are the trainees. They worked for three days with me and Master Coaches Suzanne Atkinson, Mat Hudson, Tracey Baumann, and Georgie Thomas on the steps involved in teaching these details.

On the fourth day (halfway through the video), we were joined by 20 folks in what hats–TI students–for a 1.0 Effortless Endurance Workshop.

If this video inspires you to wish to swim with the same efficiency and grace, we hope you’ll also be inspired to practice with similar care  and attention.

Doing is even more beautiful than watching.

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