Learn from Direct Experience
by Terry Laughlin

Posted on December 15th, 2009

A thought for today from a thread “A Summary: How much to rotate (or not)” on the TI Discussion Forum.

Posted by elk-tamer

Since you’ve moved this discussion from the TI Coaches Forum to the General (public) Forum  I’ll assume our usual uninformed thoughts are welcome:
One reason for more rotation that I can think of is to compensate for reduced flexibility.

Posted by Terry

ET,   ALL thoughts are welcome especially if they advance discourse. Your thoughts, and those of most who post here regularly, aren’t uninformed. When you share your reflections on how you experience and think about swimming you give us a useful window into how others may do so.

Your reason for rotating more is completely valid – compelling even. Comfort and freedom of movement are essential to optimizing your own efficiency.

I find it important to emphasize repeatedly that TI is not about rigid diktats or “rules” about swimming. Our goal is to provide principles and guidelines that help you explore and improve your own swimming experience.

If you remain mindful that improvement should:
1) increase your “mojo”  and
2) if you’re really serious be empirical – i.e. try to measure your improvement in some combination of greater efficiency (fewer strokes), enhanced pace (hold same pace for longer, or faster pace for fixed distance) or greater ease (which will lead to both more endurance and efficiency)

That confirms you’ve used your practice time effectively.

So here’s another guideline. Try not to over-analyze/intellectualize things. Instead:

  • Have a new experience.
  • Think about it.
  • React to it.
  • Repeat.

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