Michael Bryant’s 10 Phrases to Ditch in 2010
by Terry Laughlin

Posted on December 27th, 2009

Michael Bryant is a writer, educator, consultant, triathlete and avid Kaizen Swimmer/TI practitioner. I plan to print out his succinct reframing of all-too-familiar phrases and post where I can’t help but see them daily as a reminder — not just to avoid repeating them, but as a reminder about any kind of self-limiting thought.

Want to accomplish more in the New Year? Change the way you talk to yourself. Below are ten limiting phrases. Vow to banish these, one by one, from your vocabulary and watch your effectiveness soar.

1.Nobody understands.

“Nobody” is a pretty large group.

2. I can’t.

You probably mean, “I don’t want to,” “I don’t know how to,” or “I don’t like to.”

3. It isn’t fair.

Translated: I didn’t get my way.

4. I’m too busy.

You’re not “too” busy; you’re as busy as you are. “Too busy” means I over planned, or over promised

5. It’s not possible.

Unless you’re talking about defying physical laws, that’s not true.

6. It’s not my fault.

As a general rule we assume we are reasonable and others are to blame so, of course, it’s not “our fault.”

7. I have to.

You have to die and pay taxes. That’s about it.

8. If I were you.

This is the phrase we use when giving unwanted advice. If I were a tree, I’d have leaves. I’m not a tree, and they are not you.

9. It’s not my job.

These days one of the best ways to have no job is to tell people what you will and won’t do.

10. It’s too late.

I completed my first Ironman triathlon at age 56. I’ll be 60 years old in June and in July I’ll compete in my third Ironman. Trust me. It’s not too late.

Michael’s last contribution to the Swim Well Blog was the article “It’s all in your mind: Improving through Mindfulness.”

Click here to visit Michael’s web site and read other articles. He welcomes email at mb3126@gmail.com

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